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This project has received
European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IV B.


Fields of Activity Multimodality and Interoperability

The BAPTS partners represent dynamic cities and regions. Though, in order to maintain this development level and to make it more sustainable, changes to the transport systems have become imperative in all cities. However, presently most approaches follow a merely functional and isolated approach, that is, very often the different transport modes are not considered from an integrated angle.

Being aware of this situation and determined to do better, all BAPTS partners are committed to achieve a real sustainable renewal of their public transport systems. Therefore, one objective of BAPTS is to promote urban multimodality and interoperability.

This activity facilitates the development of joint strategies for modal shift to sustainable modes. In other words, the application of innovative methods and novel concepts of both technical and non-technical nature is linking and harmonising the different existing transport systems. The single motorised and non-motorised transport modes such as rail, bus, and car, tram, cycling and walking are being reviewed in order to develop concepts for their better integration.

It is the overall aim to improve the efficiency and capacity of the public transport systems which are already in place and, in addition, to make them more attractive to a wider customer group in order to reduce the amount of individual car traffic.