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This project has received
European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IV B.

The Project Project Idea

Boosting: Public Transport is the most rational and sustainable means to access work, learning and leisure for millions of citizens in North-west Europe (NWE) every day. To give public transport a boost is the main ambition of nine regions from six countries of the NWE programme area.

Advanced: Therefore the project partners are implementing advanced high-quality public transport systems and services for an efficient, accessible and sustainable mobility in North-west Europe. Multimodality & Interoperability, Integrated Mobility Planning, Marketing & Mobility Awareness and Intelligent Transport Systems represent BAPTS’ main fields of activity.

Public Transport: Clean, accessible and effective public transport is also a precondition for competitive and growing regions. BAPTS helps to make them attractive places to live and work, as well as addresses EU strategic and global challenges.

Systems: The partners are committed to transnational cooperation of relevant stakeholders. This is to ensure that the final products meet the needs of passengers as well as the policy requirements of the NWE cities. BAPTS systems and services will be widely disseminated and will serve as model solutions for whole NWE and beyond. They will improve connectivity and will contribute to delivering the European territorial cohesion agenda.