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This project has received
European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IV B.


The Project Project Partners

Lead Partner City of Bielefeld (Germany)

Bielefeld, the lead partner city of the project BAPTS, is a German city located in north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia, on the slopes of the Teutoburg Forest with a population of 325.000 inhabitants. Since the 1850s Bielefeld used to be an industrial city specializing on food proces-sing, home appliance manufacture, information technology and several heavy industries.

Public transport in Bielefeld has reached a quite good standard and supply has already been adapted to the different needs of the users. The backbone of the Bielefeld public transport is the “Stadtbahn” – a light rail system with a common underground section in the city centre, and an extensive bus network with also regional connections operated by moBiel, the local transport operator and sub-partner of BAPTS.

Within BAPTS, both, the city of Bielefeld and its sub-partner moBiel are contributing in particular to the field of activity Marketing and Mobility Awareness. In this regard the innovative approach rests upon investigating and testing marketing options which are geared to influence the future behaviour of (potential) passengers using the local PT system.
In order to prepare for the implications of demographic change Bielefeld investigates future mobility behaviour of traffic participants and seeks to assess the resulting demand on its local public transport system.