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This project has received
European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IV B.


The Project Project Partners

City of Dublin (Ireland)

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland is at the same time the economic, cultural, administrative and educational centre of the country with about 506,000 inhabitants.

Dublin is highly respected for providing transport and land use planning advice to organisations operating in the Greater Dublin Area. Hence, Dublin contributes specific expertise to the BAPTS project regarding the development and implementation of an automatic vehicle location system for buses in Dublin and its linkage with a SCATS system. The area of sustainable travel to schools is also addressed in the form of the development of the “Green Schools” programme.

Due to its experience with integrated bus corridor planning and the development of ICT and ITS systems, Dublin City Council (sub-partner) with support from the Dublin Transportation Office (DTO) and Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in particular contributes to the activity field Intelligent Transportation Technology.

The sub-partner “An Taisce” also demonstrates its expertise in the area of sustainable travel to schools and develops the “Green Schools” programme as part of the Marketing and Mobility Awareness activity field in collaboration with the DTO and DIT.