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This project has received
European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IV B.


The Project Project Partners

City of Liège (Belgium)

With 190,000 inhabitants after Greater Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Charleroi, Liège is the fifth biggest city in Belgium. It is situated in the Wallonia region near the borders of Germany and the Netherlands. Liège used to be an important steel-making centre in Europe and is today a major educational hub in Belgium.

In 1999 Liège has set up a Municipal Mobility Plan (Plan Communal de Mobilité). It is a document of strategic importance identifying the main mobility related measures that have to be taken in order to assure a harmonic development of the city. One of the main aims is to achieve stabilization of the individual automobile traffic figures in the downtown area and an increase in the passengers in public transport.

Within BAPTS, Liège works together with two sub-partners: SRWT and GRE-Liège. SRWT is the public investor in the field of public transport for the whole of the Walloon Area. It can thus contribute a great experience in the implementation of all public transport related aspects. GRE-Liège is a regional development agency and aims at providing new stimuli for the redevelopment of the entire region.

Within the project BAPTS, GRE-Liège is concerned with the analysis of the development potential a tram scheme could provide to the city and the wider region.