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This project has received
European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IV B.


The Project Project Partners

City of Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

The Dutch city of Eindhoven (210,000 inhabitants) located in the North Barbant Region is known as a major technology and industrial hub and is home of some of the largest electronic firms in the world.

In terms of transport on a national level Eindhoven has already gained a good reputation as being at the forefront of developing innovative approaches towards bus-based public transport systems. Hence, the city contributes specific expertise to the BAPTS project regarding the area of bus rapid transit transport systems and integrated bus corridor planning (Integrated Mobility Planning).

Due to longstanding experience with the Phileas Bus system, Eindhoven in particular contributes on the one hand to the field of activity Multimodality and Interoperability, and to Marketing and Mobility Awareness on the other.

During the various project activities such as the targeted workshops, site visits and seminars, Eindhoven highlights the local achievements to the other BAPTS partners, achievements made with respect to the integrated advanced public transport corridor planning and innovative solutions to bridge the gap between public and private transport solutions.

The BAPTS partnership benefits from the comprehensive experience of Eindhoven already gained in terms of stakeholder integration processes. It makes sure that valuable and first-hand knowledge can be gained during the staff exchange.

The City of Eindhoven in particular seeks to gain knowledge and experience from the other BAPTS partners with respect to integrated ticketing systems and innovative solutions concerning the use of targeted marketing instruments in the area of public transport.