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This project has received
European Regional Development Funding through INTERREG IV B.


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Nantes Métropole (France)

With a population of about 580,000 inhabitants Nantes Métropole is the sixth biggest conurbation in France gathering 24 city members. Nantes Métropole is located on the Loire estuary about 50 km from the Atlantic coast. Several times it was voted to be the most liveable city in France.

The Nantes conurbation has proved to be very innovative in the field of urban transport since more than 25 years, both by developing innovative tools and systems: first French city to reintroduce the tram in the 1980s’ or the recent implementation of a BRT-like system (known as BusWay), and by promoting innovative strategies, with the early development of an integrated transport policy aiming at decreasing the car modal share in the centre to the benefit of soft modes and public transport.

In parallel, Nantes Métropole has been involved in flagship European programmes (CiViTAS, IEE, FP6, etc.) in order to push forward its commitment to the development of sustainable transport and improve from the exchanges with its European partners.

In line with these experiences, within BAPTS Nantes Métropole and its operator SEMITAN bring their expertise into Intelligent Transportation Technology, aimed at developing innovative approaches to ITS and ICT.

Nantes indeed builds up exchanges with the other partners around the following two demonstration actions: 1. The development of an innovative smart card system with a view to leading car drivers to a responsible use of their vehicle combined with other modes of transport; 2. A demonstration action focused on increasing the overall Nantes public transport system attractiveness to new customers (the ones who at present still use simple paper tickets).